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China and WTO Review

  • Volume 9
  • March 2023
  • Number 1


RCEP and South East Asia

Special Issue: RCEP and South East Asia

  • Exploring the Development of Agricultural Trade between China and ASEAN under the RCEP: A SWOT Analysis
    Shufeng Cong & Lee Chin & Piratdin Allayarov
  • On Evolutionary Geoeconomics and the RCEP Case: A Correlative SWOT Analysis
    Charis Vlados
  • India’s Trade Policy Dilemma: RCEP and the New FTA Strategy
    Surendar Singh
  • Common Prosperity of China and ASEAN in Manufacturing through RCEP: A New Strategy
    Sirui Wu & Huaiyu Gu & Kai Liu
  • Negotiating RCEP: The Role of ASEAN in Middle-Power Diplomacy
    Francisco A. Magno & Martin Josef E. Vivo
  • Malaysian Perspective to RCEP: A SWOT Analysis
    Siti Darwinda Mohamed Pero & Muhammad Ali Ridha Norman

Prof. Malawer's US-China Trade Commentary

  • The US Trade Relations with China: Worrisome Developments in the US Law
    Stuart S. Malawer

WTO Forum

  • Coordinating International Trade and Human Rights as an Innovative Approach to Cross-Cultural Dispute Resolution
    Chao Wang & Zhuoxin Lin


  • Third Party Funding for Dispute Resolution
    Siyuan Jin & Wei Shen