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China and WTO Review

  • Volume 6
  • March 2020
  • Number 1


The time to look for new global cooperation against COVID-19


  • The Chinese Position as a Global Player in International Comparison with the WTO Members: Efficiency Analysis and 4IR
    Michaela Staníčková & Lenka Fojtíková
  • Is China’s Belt and Road Initiative Moving towards a Silk Road Union?: A Legal and Policy Consideration
    Ran Guo
  • Transnational Surrogacy in China: From the Perspective of Private International Law
    Yongping Xiao & Jue Li
  • Taming SOEs within a Redefined Competition Policy Framework: An Alternative Approach for Consensus?
    Pinguang Ying


  • The 1907 Hague Peace Conference: Understanding China’s Initial Steps towards the ‘International Society’
    Clémence Lizé
  • China’s Evolving Role in Developing the WTO Dispute Settlement Rules
    Ximei Wu & Sadiya S. Silvee
  • Revisiting the Regimes of Public International Law and the WTO Law on Countering Narcotic Drug Trafficking
    Lin Zhang & Jingjing An

Prof. Malawer's US-China Trade Commentary

  • Trump, Litigation, and Threats: From Queens to the World Stage
    Stuart S. Malawer


  • Julien Chaisse (ed.), China’s International Investment Strategy: Bilateral, Regional, and Global Law and Policy
    Charles Ho Wang Mak