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China and WTO Review

  • Volume 8
  • September 2022
  • Number 2


Is Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit “Preserving Democracy”?


  • Online Arbitration of E-commerce Disputes in the People’s Republic of China: Due Process Concerns
    Xueer Chen & Chao Wang
  • Genesis of Data Security Mechanism in China: The Next Step to Data Nationalism
    Ella Gorian
  • Progressive Development of the ASEAN Community under the UN 2030 Agenda
    Eric Yong Joong Lee
  • Juvenile Offenders in Community Corrections: A Systemic Look at Risk Evaluation Methods to Implement UN Resolutions under the Chinese Legal System
    Yu Lin & Tao Jin
  • China’s Development Plan for the Utilization of Foreign Capital during the 14th Five-Year Period: Prospects and Analysis
    Min Zhao


  • Ban of Cryptocurrencies in China and Judicial Practice of Chinese Courts
    Aleksandr P. Alekseenko
  • Outward FDI: Determinants and Flows in Emerging Economies: Evidence from China
    Mohamad Zreik & Badar Alam Iqbal & Mohd Nayyer Rahman
  • China’s Socialist Free Trade Strategy: A Marxist Analysis
    Sadiya S. Silvee


  • Liquidated Damages Clause in Commercial Contracts: A Pakistan’s Perspective
    Kashif Imran Zadi & Ahmad Abdul Rehman Khan & Usman Hameed & Khushbakht Qaiser & Zarfishan Qaiser

WTO Forum

  • Department of Chinese Legal Culture, Cologne
    Hannah Klöber & Daniel Sprick