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China and WTO Review

  • Volume 7
  • March 2021
  • Number 1


Will the US-China Trade War finally be over under the Biden Presidency?


  • The Role of Anti-Dumping in the US-China Trade War
    Abdulkadir Yilmazcan
  • Anti-corruption Coordinative Mechanism between the ICSID and Domestic Enforcement Authorities: A China’s Perspective
    Hongwu Yin
  • Reforming the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism: Towards a Mega-Multilateral Court?
    Zihan Liu


  • China’s Investment Law Reform: Revolution or Evolution?
    Lapteva Anna & Skvortsov Oleg
  • Is America Back to Multilateralism? A Prospect of President Biden’s China Trade Policy
    Eric Yong Joong Lee
  • The Current Status of Cryptocurrency Regulation in China and Its Effect around the World
    John Riley
  • Article 25 as an Alternate Way to Resolve the Crisis of the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism: A Chinese Perspective
    Abid Shah Jillani & Ximei Wu


  • Treaty Interpretation in the China Rare Earths Case: A Criticism of Textualism
    Farheen Ahmad & Anmolam

Prof. Malawer's US-China Trade Commentary

  • Biden, National Security, Law & Global Trade: Less Subterfuge & More Strategy in the New Era of Crisis
    Stuart S. Malawer

WTO Forum

  • The Grandview Institution
    Jiawei Bi


  • Artificial Intelligence Cases in China: Feilin v. Baidu and Tencent Shenzhen v. Shanghai Yingxin
    Ju Yoen Lee