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China and WTO Review

  • Volume 6
  • September 2020
  • Number 2


Patience will be required to coexist sustainably in the COVID-19 era.


  • The Elephant In a Dark Room? Russia and the ISDS Reform
    Dmitry K. Labin & Alena V. Soloveva
  • Can China’s Belt and Road Initiative be Reconciled with the EU’s Multilateral Approaches to International Law?
    Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann & Giuseppe Martinico
  • Universal Scale Tipping towards Balance - Applying The MFN Clauses in China-related Investment Arbitration: A New Haven School Reading
    Yuanchao Bi & Wei Shen
  • Territorial Extension of the EU Environmental Law and its Impacts on Emerging Industrial Economies: A Taiwan Case
    Hsing-Hao Wu
  • The ICSID Tribunals in Deciding International Investment Corruption Cases: Possible Solutions
    Hongwu Yin


  • Liability for Administrative Offences in China: With Special References to Public Interests and Human Rights
    Aleksandr P. Alekseenko & Iuliia Yu. Popova & Olga E. Shishkina

Prof. Malawer's US-China Trade Commentary

  • Trump, Recent Court Cases and the 2020 Presidential Election
    Stuart S. Malawer

WTO Forum

  • Wuhan University Institute of International Law
    An Ying


  • Giuseppe Martinico & Xueyan Wu (eds.), A Legal Analysis of the Belt and Road Initiative: Towards A New Silk Road?
    Jizeng Fan
  • Pinghua Sun, Historic Achievement of A Common Standard: Pengchun Chang and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    Wei-Chih Liou