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China and WTO Review

  • Volume 5
  • March 2019
  • Number 1


To communicate is to live together.


  • Necessity or Luxury? Sober Second Thoughts on the Chinese Gideon and Legal Aid in Criminal Cases
    Luye Mou
  • Human Rights Education in the Chinese Context
    Pinghua Sun
  • 'Foreign Elements' in the Arbitration of China's Free Trade Zones
    Xia Tang
  • Establishment of a Belt and Road Dispute Settlement Mechanism
    Weidong Zhu


  • China's Practice in Vessel Tonnage Tax Collection: Legislation and Policy Evaluation
    Deyi Ma
  • Crimes Committed by Legal Persons: A Comparative Sino-German perspective
    Jiahui Shi


  • Digitalization of Trade in Free Trade Agreements with Reference to the WTO and the USMCA: A Closer Look
    Bashar H. Malkawi
  • Statutory Safeguards and Privileges for Developing Countries in the WTO Dispute Settlement System
    Kashif I. Zadi & Alexandra J. Davis & Ali R. Ansari

Prof. Malawer's US-China Trade Commentary

  • Pending Section 232 Litigation and Broader Trade Trends: Will the US Courts Restrict Presidential Authority from Relying upon "National Security"?
    Stuart Malawer


  • The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation: An Investment Perspective
    Zhiyuan Wen
  • Is Huawei a Leverage of the US-China Trade War? A Critical Reflection on the Huawei Case
    Xiaohan Zhang
  • Canada's Stance on Huawei CFO's Arrest: How Highly Disputed Case Will Unfold?
    Ji Hee Suh


  • Asian Institute of International Financial Law (AIIFL),
    The University of Hong Kong


  • Lukasz Golota et al. (eds.), Perspectives on Chinese Business and Law
    Yingying Wu