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China and WTO Review (CWR) is internationally referred academic journal of YIJUN Institute of International Law. CWR welcomes academic papers and case reports containing insightful, provocative and creative ideas. The Review is interested in the following trade topics: Goods (GATT), Services (GATS), Intellectual Property (TRIPs), Dispute Settlement, Doha Development Agenda, Building Trade Capacity, and Trade Monitoring. It also covers cutting-edge issues such as environment, trade finance and investment, electronic commerce, government procurement, regional trade agreement, labor and human rights, etc.

Submissions will be open to scholars and practitioners on a rolling basis. CWR publishes twice a year, on March 1 and September 1. Draft manuscripts should be received by December 1 for Spring issue consideration, or by June 1 for Fall issue consideration.

The Board of Editors will only consider material which complies with the following:
  1. China and WTO Review is committed to publishing creative, provocative, and scholastic works. The submission should be original and unpublished elsewhere.
  2. The manuscript containing more than 6000 words (incl. footnotes) will be considered for section. The Review recommends the authors to analyze a fundamental and scientific issue for an article.
  3. A submission of less than 6,000 words may be considered for <Current Development> or <Correspondence> section. Case report of the WTO DSB or domestic court will be highly praised. We also welcome submissions of book/paper reviews and new books field that publishers would like considered for review.
  4. A short (150 words) abstract of the manuscript should be supplied.
  5. Authors should indicate their present academic or professional affiliation, scholastic career, and contacting postal and email address in the subject matter of the article.
  6. Citations should conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (12th ed. 2015). For the citation style, please visit:
  7. Each manuscript should be written in 1.5-spaced/12 font in Microsoft Word format (.doc) or Rich Text format (.rtf). Submissions in Word format should be Microsoft Office (2013 or 2016) for Windows and Microsoft Office for Mac 2004.
  8. English proofreading is mandatory for all the authors; each author should get professional English proofreading before editorial review and send the revised version (track changes) with a certificate of proofreading.

Ethical Rule
China and WTO Review shall prevent any unjust ethical conduct by the authors. Plagiarism and creating non-existing data or research results are strictly prohibited. In case of the violation, the publication shall be cancelled and any manuscripts of that author shall not be considered by the editorial board for possible publications for the next five years. Although the Review's staff and referees review each contribution for potential violations of research ethics including plagiarism, all responsibilities for potential research ethics violations shall be assumed by the author himself/herself. Further details will be provided at Detailed Regulations.

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement Requirements

The Selection Process
Once a draft article is received, the general editor will consult with the editors to decide if the draft is consistent with the Review's policies. If the draft is deemed reviewable, the general editor in cooperation with editorial board members forms an editorial chamber. The chamber is composed of both inner-board members and outside expert(s) in order to review the article fairly, independently and professionally. The general editor will contact the (corresponding) author and at least two reviewers in the course of reviewing the draft. If the reviewers agree to publish the article, it will be published in due course. The general editor fully respects the opinions of the reviewers. The general editor, if the draft is selected for publication, will make a Grant of License Agreement (GOL) with the author and will provide further information on the publication process.

License Agreement
The author is required to read and accept the terms contained in the License Agreement in order to publish his/her article at China and WTO Review.

Article Processing Fee
Article Processing Fee is an academic processing charge per paper and will allow us to make a published work available for free open access. The fee is payable by the author upon acceptance of the publication proposal and the peer review process begins shortly after payment. All the fee shall be wired to the official bank account of YIJUN PRESS. For details, please click here.

You may send submissions and questions to: or

or by post to:
Prof. Eric Y.J. Lee
YIJUN Institute of International Law
562 Gwangnaruro, Kwangjin-gu #201
Seoul 05033 Korea

Please note that your manuscript will not be returned, and that electronic submissions receive priority in the review process.

For more details on the submission, please visit: