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Published online: March 1, 2022

Trade Protectionism & China’s International Trade Disputes: Renewable Energy Perspectives

Ridoan Karim & Robayet Ferdous Syed & Md. Toriqul Islam
Monash University, Sunway Campus
School of Business, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Corresponding Author:

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Renewable energy is frequently seen as one of the world’s most promising industries, as it promises a sustainable future in the surge of climate change. Nevertheless, several trade disputes emerge as nations implement policies to boost the domestic green energy industry, putting current trade laws to the test and leaving the detrimental effects on the development of renewable energy technologies. As a result, trade tensions have risen, particularly in bilateral relations between the United States and China. It is impossible to deny that current trade disputes over renewable energy products have practical consequences for governments, institutions, and enterprises. Rising trade protectionism in the energy industry may endanger the fulfillment of specific sustainable development targets. Keeping that in mind, this study aims to examine the recent trade disputes over China’s renewable energy products at the multilateral forum of the WTO, while analyzing protectionism in the context of international trade and practices.

Keywords : Trade Protectionism, Trade Dispute, Renewable Energy, China, WTO, Solar Photovoltaic

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