CWR > Volume 7(2); 2021 > Prof. Malawer’s US-China Trade Commentary
Research Paper
Published online: Sept 1, 2021

Biden’s Trade Policies-Recalibrated, More Focused, and A Bit Concerning

Stuart S. Malawer
George Mason’s University Schar School of Policy and Government
3351 Fairfax Dr., MS 3B1, Arlington, Virginia 22201 USA.
Corresponding Author:

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The Biden administration has moved to refocus the US trade policy on China, acting to promote competition but not thoughtless confrontation. Some actions were strong right out of the gate; that should not have been so surprising, but it still was. If anything, the recently concluded G-7 meeting in Cornwall and the subsequent US-EU summit in Brussels indicate that the Biden administration intends to take a stronger and a more multilateral and diplomatic approach to confront China. This approach was further supported by the US allies at the recent NATO meeting in Brussels. The administration is stressing cooperation with allies and competition with China. Biden’s recent diplomacy demonstrates his overriding preoccupation with China. Moving away from Trump’s dysfunctional and disastrous unilateral measures of confrontation with all can only help stabilize the US-China relations and rebuild the WTO, hopefully.

Keywords : Human Rights and US Trade Policy, Section 232 tariffs, US-China Trade Relations, WTO Dispute Resolution, Sanctions, National Security, Protectionism

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