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Published online: March 1, 2020

China’s International Investment Strategy: Bilateral, Regional, and Global Law and Policy

Charles Ho Wang Mak
University of Glasgow
Corresponding Author:

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China has been among the world’s fastest-growing economies. With the current debate and concerns over the China/US trade war, it calls for a better understanding of the law and practice of China’s international investment regime. China’s international investment strategy: Bilateral, regional, and gloBal law and PoliCy is part of the International Economic Law series, a brainchild of the late Professor John H Jackson. This book is a compilation of essays that explores three distinct tracks of investment policy and strategy of China, namely, bilateral agreements, regional agreements, and global initiatives. This book is edited by award-winning Professor Julien Chaisse with thirty-five authors, which provided a practical and comprehensive guide to whether those three tracks compete or complement one another – a question of great importance for China’s economic and political future – and what kind of laws and regulations apply to each track. The book also addresses the implication of China’s international investment strategy for the global economy and partners’ countries.

Keywords : Trade Wars, Tariff Wars, Economic Sanctions, Trump’s Real Estate, Trump’s Domestic Litigation, Foreign Policy by Tariff Threats, National Security, §232 National Security Tariffs, WTO, Dispute Resolution System

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